Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Art-Save of the week!

I found this nude (and a few others) at a thriftstore in West Hollywood. This was behind some other paintings. I simply fell inlove with it. That red just drew me in. I guess the artist of this painting recently passed away. Other paintings and drawings of hers are still available at the store. Alas, I only have so much money to save art. I'd suggest you go to the Out of the Closet in Weho, on Santa Monica Blvd.

The artist was Mary Retting. She did lovely work. She may be gone, but her creativy lingers on. Thank you, Mary. Your work lives on. I'm sure it'll provide me with wonder for years to come.


Cheryl said...

What a great post. I know there are already copies of my books roaming around thrift stores out there, and I can only hope they find someone as appreciative as Mary's paintings did.

Sundry said...

Good stuff, Noel. That's a great painting.