Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Highways!

I went to the Highways 21st Anniversary Party and had a blast. In the lobby, they had programs from the last 21 years, including the above pic (taken with my blackberry). This was back in 1999. Trust me, I went all nostalgic looking at the past photos. I also remembered the anxiety and joy of putting on a show where I wrote and performed it all.

Back then, the only way I knew how to speak, make a statement about the world, was on the stage. Now, I do it through books or essays or short stories. I'm somewhat satisfied with being heard this way. I always said that I'd go back to the stage when I have something to say that need theatrical conventions. I have some ideas brewing but nothing concrete. My last show at Highways was in 2002, so I'm worried that I hadn't developed a how in nearly ten years!

I'd been wondering about other ways to get my point across. I'm thinking about visual art or conceptual art. Hmmmm. Maybe I can do a show incorporating that.

Read more about Highways here.


Cheryl said...

You are too damn versatile for your own good. Us one-skill folks never have to agonize over these questions.

Sundry said...

Ah, I have fond memories of seeing you (and others) perform there. I am so ready to see you on stage again!

Peter Varvel said...

Yeah, what Cheryl and Sundry said!

Sundry said...

I have a great photo of you hanging on the wall in my studio...One of the jumping photos.