Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Literary Inauguration

This morning, I went to experience this historic moment at my best friend Adele's house. I used to have deep conversations with her (when we were 13) about seeing a black person or a woman becoming president. I remember telling her that it would happen in our lifetime. Who else would I spend this moment with? (If anything, to tell her that I was right!)

Obama's speech was simply amazing. He is a writer! His word-choicing, his rhyme was incredible.

I was truly moved. Hell, even the sight of Rick Warren didn't induce me to vomit. I felt like I was a part of history. And when Bush boarded that chopper, flying away from the White House, I was thrilled.

This is the set of bad seeds I spent the morning with (left to right: Tracey, Adele, Jessica). They cried, I cried when Obama was sworn in.

And this ragtag kid is my god child, Cameron. He didn't care too much about the inauguration. He was too busy counting the frogs on his pajamas. In some ways, I'm glad he'll never know how historic this time was. When he reaches his forties, I hope the election of a person of color or a woman will be no big deal because it'll happen all the time.

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I love how you are all spiffed out for the special event! Jacket and tie!