Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Literary Burial

You know what lifted my spirits? (And thanks to all of you for your kind comments on my last post. We can all wallow together.) Jeff Walsh sent me this website--and I love it! There's nothing like a writer turning lemons into lemonade.

It's a website about an author burying her book. It's hilarious. Check it out here.


ver said...

You're not gonna believe this: there are 5 people in my writer's group, and Mary is one of them! She's hilarious.

I was so bummed to miss the funeral, but I was drowning in holiday commitments...

Mary Patrick said...

Well you are not going to believe this. I thought all of the crying at the funeral was for ME and MY PAIN but it was because Veronica from my writers group wasn't there.

For your punishment, I will force you to watch the webcast. (Fabulous music.)

Thanks for picking up on this!

Mary Patrick Kavanaugh

Kevin said...

haha I checked that out, so funny!

thelastnoel said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by, especially you, Ms. Kavanaugh. Kudos to you on changing your fortune.