Friday, September 26, 2008

Literary Defaming

In keeping with my last post, I wanted to share this message that Liz Dwyer sent me. Liz is an amazing writer and she can be read here.

The dedication for Letters to Montgomery Clift says: This book is dedicated to those who have Disappeared.

Liz, via Facebook, told me this:

I was in the library on Santa Monica today and saw "Letters to Montgomery Clift" on the shelf. Interestingly enough, someone scribbled a little comment on your dedication page. There was an arrow after "Disappeared" and at the end of the arrow was written, "Due to the policies of right-wing dictators."

I don't believe in defaming books, but I had to smile.

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Peter Varvel said...

That is to be treasured, methinks, to know when and how people respond to your work.
I would've smiled, too.