Friday, April 25, 2008

Literary Forum

What was amazing about the Gay Mens Forum was the commitment from the men in the room to be the best men possible, strive for the best of society. I sat on a panel dealing with the gay spirit and creativity. That's Leo Garcia, Artistic Director of Highways Performance Space, me, Performance Artist Ian MacKINNON, Hywel Sims, Executive Director of the Gay Mens Chorus, and Moderator and performer Michael Kearns.

It was quite refreshing to see men more in this vein, instead of the the bar hopping, Macys shopping set. Despite the media images that America prefers to see of us (faaabulous men who design), it was wonderful to see activists and artists together working toward the betterment of our community. There were a few hundred men there. It was pointed out, however, that there were probably more men who attended the White Party on the same weekend.


josephine anne lin said...

What's wrong with Macy's?

Don Cummings said...

I am so tired of bar hopping Macy's shopping gaybos! What's the deal with gay men and shallowness? I never understood it.