Friday, January 18, 2008

Literary Rap

You know there was a time when rap music didn't use words like "ho's" in their lyrics. Take this video from old school rappers Run DMC. They were on Reading Rainbow promoting--reading! Not drugs, not gang life. Check out LeVar Burton, post Roots & pre Star Trek, in those fancy 80's duds.


josephine anne lin said...

Now that is the old school rap that I love! Thanks for posting this!

Don Cummings said...

I never got into Rap. But I'm old.
HOw nice, though, that it was once not so much about "Leave that Ho in a ditch."

Liz said...

I miss those days. Gosh, even the ubiquitous Soulja Boy song uses Hoe 30 times in the song and bitch 10 times.