Thursday, September 27, 2007

Literary Slate

Congratulations to the new Macarthur "Genius" Fellows, individuals who'll be getting lots of cash for the work that they do in science, art, etc. Among the recipients this year were several writers. I often wonder how the heck do I get one of those things? They don't have an application process. They just find people and give it to them. I've known some of fellows--brilliant guys--but there are lots of brilliant people who don't get them. So, how does one get a coveted $50,000 grant out of nowhere? Well, did some comparisons. Um, it appears my chances of getting one doesn't look good.


Peter Varvel said...

More proof that as a beginning writer, I will have to continue to focus on writing for the love of it, not for financial gain.

And not a bad way to continue living artistically!

Liz said...

You never know. You could be the one to buck the trend. You have a lot of good karma out there in the world so you never know what could happen!

Cheryl said...

You could start tie-dying stuff. That would up your quirk factor, not to mention make you look extremely cool.