Friday, July 20, 2007

Literary Potter

I just left the madness at Skylight Books where they'll be releasing the "last" of the Harry Potter novels. The store was swamped with kids awaiting the big reveal. I got into the spirit and wore a cape (appearing as a Dementor). I've never been a Potter reader, but I got a kick out of young people dying to read.

We had an event earlier in the evening. Jerry Stahl (Permanent Midnight) read from his new book, a collection of short stories. He said he's had to do a lot in his carreer. Reading before the JK Rowling novel was new to him though. He said, "I can't believe I'm being a fluffer to Harry Potter."

That was the highlight for me!


jasonphoon said...

i noticed you put the quotation marks around the word last .

You never know, she might just announce another 7 books . uh oh ..

Liz said...

My nephew read the book all day today. He started reading the previous six last Sunday, one per day, and today was the culmination of his Potter mania. I sheepishly told him how I haven't read any Potter past book three and that was clearly the end of the world to him. But he's twelve and you're right, it's nice to see kids reading.

Peter Varvel said...

He said, "I can't believe I'm being a fluffer to Harry Potter."
I know a few adults, female and male, who have been salivating with lust over the maturing Daniel Radcliffe.
Yes, that was truly a highlight!

Peter Varvel said...

In the news today: Daniel Radcliffe turns 18.
Fluff that!

Don Cummings said...

The Rocking Jerry Stahl once visited my old book club when we all read Permanent Midnight. He was engaging and so completely alive. Chicks dig him.