Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Literary Vacation

Isn't this a lovely photo? It's a beach in Mexico. Sounds like a great vacation, huh? I'm on vacation. Well, in a way. I'm taking this week off. It has been a hectic last six weeks. And I needed a break. How do I spend my vacation? Uh, working. This time on creative stuff. "Art never goes on vacation" is my new motto.

I've spent this week writing, getting ready for my interview with Armistead Maupin, promoting "Talking to the Moon," and preparing to launch a new literary series in West Hollywood.

I've been struggling with myself on a certain scene I need to write in my novel. I've approached it from several different angles, but it's still not feeling right. I'm hoping I get it right eventually. I feel like I'm writing the scene over and over, repeating the same information, but the flow of the scene is simply not going well. Ugh!

I brought myself up to speed on all six books of the Tales of City series--a wonderful read. I asked to be put in contact with Mr. Maupin. I wanted to give him some idea of how our interview would run. "Mr. Maupin," I began. "Please," he said, "call me Armistead." Now, I can say I'm on a first name basis with Armistead Maupin!

I met with a journalist for a pre-interview segment on a radio show. (Uh, I've learned from past mistakes. I asked him to be kind enough to provide me with a reminder phonecall about where and when the interveiw will take place.)

I walked into A Different Light bookstore in West Hollywood to reinforce the date of July 12th, the day that my "Promising" series takes flight. I plan it to be a quarterly series to promote emerging and established trans, gay, les, bi writers. The first reading will feature playwright Prince Gomolvilas and newer writers Serena Lin and Giovannie Ortega.



Cheryl said...

In my experience, art does take a vacation, and it usually leaves me behind to house-sit while it goes somewhere tropical.

The new series sounds awesome. I just met Giovanni (at the APA book fest)--small world!

jasonphoon said...

have a good vacation/work thingie !

Liz said...

Good for you that you are taking your vacation. As long as you get away from the day to day, right? It has to be very nice knowing you don't have to do anything but write.