Sunday, December 10, 2006

Literary Nothing

Earlier this year, I sent out a story for a contest. I didn't think I'd win. But I thought I'd get an "honorable mention." Yes! The winner was announced, along with a list of honorable mentions. I didn't make the list. Nothing!

I felt disappointment for a moment, just a moment. Life goes on. Looking back, I think I'd gotten more Nothing!'s than Yes!'s. I think that's why so many artist's will go on and on about piece that was published 15 years ago in the school newspaper. One Yes! covers all the Nothing!'s.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure more Yes!s are coming your way.

circuitmouse said...

It has always been reassuring to hear some of the "heavyweight" authors wryly recount the rejections they received at one point or another in their career.

With a well acclaimed book ON the shelves and another baby on the way, you're already ahead of 99% of the writers out there. Think of how many would-be writers would give their first born to be in your shoes! To your credit, to put it in a positive spin, you show that you aren't willing to rest on your laurels, but keep on keeping on.