Thursday, September 28, 2006

Literary Fitness

It hit me. My book will be out in six months and I feel like crap. I learned about the kind of stamina it takes to promote a book. When I was promoting "Letters to Montgomery Clift" I got sick more times than I was used to because my body was breaking down from the effects of book promotion. I'd have to speak about my book a million times, each time trying to make it sound fresh and interesting. I shook a lot of hands--a major way germs are spread--and ate a lot of fast food.

I learned the importance of staying fit and healthy. In the last few months, doing edits and rewrites, my workout regimen became non existent.

Okay, here's to becoming fit again. I went back to kung fu last night and I did another 8 miles this morning.


craM said...

good job noel, keep it up!

Jason Phoon said...

wow 8 miles.

makes my walk to work seem .. short.

good luck with your book promotion!

Don Cummings said...

I think the best thing for a writer is:


Get the fuck out of the house!

Rich said...

I think it's time for another marathon.

Sundry said...

Yow! 8 miles. Impressive.

Joanne said...

8 miles? you rock! check out the crossfit workouts on my site if you want to get some exercise, but don't have a lot of time. warning: some of them sound easy, but they're pretty brutal. however, they will help improve your running times:)

damn! i miss that long distance running (but i sure as hell don't miss the blisters. nope. not at all...)