Monday, June 26, 2006

Literary Getaway: A Cheap Motel

I have some writing deadlines I have to meet. I could't focus at home, so I rented a room in cheap motel for the weekend. Boy, what a change in location can do!

I managed to churn out some much needed writing. Fortunately, the motel wasn't capable of free wireless internet or else I would have spent hours googling useless information.

I encourage students to go away and write sometimes. If you can afford a weekend away to clear your thoughts and get perspective, do it.


Jason Phoon said...

you just searched 'motel' on google images and out came the Bates motel?

princegomolvilas said...

Can I come to your house and write?

Bob Hoeppner said...

Yes, it's why I used to like writing at a weekly music open mike (, until I gained so many friends that talking with them eliminated my writing time.

I think I've said that before.

When I get up to Northampton, MA, I like to have a pot of green tea and do some writing in The Haymarket--

circuitmouse said...

Have you heard of that writer's retreat motel en route to San Diego that's supposedly a great get-away for writers who need peace and quiet?

Don Cummings said...

Hid out in Queens this week---got two new pieces written (short stories)--- even though NYC IS a big distraction.

circuitmouse said...

I found the article about that Mid-Century Modern motel tht was turned into a writer's retreat: It's the Hi-Way Haven, 466 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Leucadia
Their website is
I actually first heard about them in an article in P & W.
It's an entire new concept for renting motel rooms by the hour... They have workshops, coaching and other stuff, too. Since we lost our most popular writer's retreats around Idyllwild in last year's fires, this is the best bet for SoCal scribes (or writers visiting Southern California--it's a beautiful stretch of the Coast highway not given over to strip malls that will give you a taste of California back in the day...)