Saturday, March 25, 2006

Literary Grace

I was inspired to write this post after reading the March Issue of Vanity Fair that profiled writer Grace Metalious and the 50th anniversary of her novel Peyton Place. Several years ago when I was touring New England, I read Peyton Place (about the underbelly of a New England town) on the train. Oh, what a wonderful time in my life that was: I was performing my second solo show "Master of the (miss) Universe," doing reading/signings of "Letters to Montgomery Clift," and my father was still alive.

I became curious about Ms. Metalious and googled her. What a tragic life she'd led--dirt poor, instant fame, then dead of alcoholism at 39. It's the stuff made for a Hollywood movie.

Maybe that's why Sandra Bullock will soon star as the tragic author in an upcoming biopic.

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Bob Hoeppner said...

Not sure which movie I'm looking forward to more: the one on Metalious or the one on Bettie Page... uh, I think... Bettie!