Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Literary addictions

It is widely known that writers have some of the most addictive personalities. Of course, some of the addictions got the best of them. Some writers who have died from alcoholism include novelist Grace Metaloius and short story writer Raymond Carver. Of course, writers from Poe to Capote were also known to get sauced!

Then there are smokers like Hunter S. Thomposon (pictured) and Ernest Hemingway (also a drunk).

I confess that I used to drink and smoke. I thought all that shit helped me create. I hadn't had a drop of booze in 13 years and I recently honored my first year of being smoke free.

I've never been more creative.


Rich said...

Congratulations on beating both vices. And finally got to read your Icon Magazine interview. Good stuff.

Bob Hoeppner said...

I'm a biblioholic: I can't stop buying books. From Amazon yesterday: two by Russell Edson and one by Adelia Prado. What makes it so insidious is that it's so socially acceptable!

Jason Phoon said...

I get this kinda image of a writer drinking alcohol and a cigarette in his mouth. Good to know that isn't required to be creative ... :)

~B~ said...

Thats a good thing that you have been smoke free for a year. My mother mother will be celebrating her 1st smoke free year as well.